January 28, 2019

What you need to prepare when taking out a loan




We enter fully into the details of the Fast Loans . Due to the characteristics of the product and in order to facilitate the greatest number of loans, the amounts are:

  • Loans of € 50 up to € 1500
  • To pay in a maximum period of 7 days To 4 months

Later you will see all the details of both amounts, especially in terms of interest.

Requirements to apply for a quick loan

Requirements to apply for a quick loan

Before proceeding, it is necessary that you know the size of the ‘door’ of access to the loan, that is, the requirements of a loan.  Go for it:

  1. Be at least 21 years old
  2. Have a valid DNI or NIE at the time of the request
  3. Have a bank account in the name of the applicant
  4. Have an active mobile phone
  5. Have email in the name of the applicant
  6. Have regular income, it does not matter if it is a payroll, pension or unemployment benefit.

Documentation that is required for a loan

More than bureaucratic issues, certain documents are required in order to avoid identity spoofing. Although it also serves to reduce the likelihood that the company will reject your credit application.

The documents th requests are:

  1. The DNI or NIE in color and on both sides
  2. Demonstrate your regular income (payroll, unemployment, pension, etc.)
  3. Demonstrate possession of a bank account, with the first page of your notebook, or with an account certificate. In this account you deposit and direct your loan

You should bear in mind that documents should be scanned, and not photographed, because light, flash or camera quality can make documents illegible, and when a microcredit is used, time is key, and this, more that cause a rejection of your request, it would delay it for a couple of days.

All documents must be as recent as possible, in good condition, legible, and above all, all documents in the name of the person requesting the microcredit, including email, mobile phone and other requirements and documentation.

How to apply for a loan

How to <a href=apply for a loan” />

The process to request a Fast Loan is brief, simple and fast from Internet , but it is necessary that you read carefully, in order to avoid such puerile confusions as confusing the date, placing an erroneous amount or using email or mobile phone alien to the person requesting the microcredit .

Here you have the process, in a very detailed way.

1.- Establish the details of your loan

2.- Create your account

3.- Submission of documentation

4.- Read and accept the contract

5.- Wait for the authorization of your loan